New book, Holiday sale, New articles

  • My Memory Journal: journal & guide to improving your memory
  • Make Your Own Memory Journal: digital version available for immediate download
  • Prices slashed on all Wayz Press memory and study ebooks, for the holiday period
  • New articles with tips on improving your sleep, and advice on building cognitive reserve

My Memory Journal

My new book for the new year (sorry, I did try to get it out sooner!) is My Memory Journal. This is a paperback, a journal that's also an everyday memory strategy, with instructions on how to use it, plus a brief discussion of a memory strategy or habit that you can focus on each week. The Memory Journal covers six months, so there are 26 such "Focuses". The Focuses cover such topics as: Mindset, Goal-setting, Cognitive load, Sleep, Visualization, Senses, Monitoring, etc. There's a page for each day, so the whole thing comes in at about 266 pages. At the moment the book's only available at Amazon, and directly from Createspace (I get maximum royalty there), but in the new year I'll see about widening that.

Because I like to have digital options for my books, I also produced Make Your Own Memory Journal, which is a digital version that includes all the text, with instructions on how to turn a blank notebook into a memory journal. It's available in my store in epub, mobi, and pdf formats, and in Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play. I didn't have time to produce a format for iTunes, but I will in the new year.

Holiday Sale

In apology for my long absence, I have (very unusually! - because, you know, I think I've already priced my books at exceedingly reasonable prices) slashed prices on all Wayz Press memory and study ebooks. They're all down to the same incredible rock-bottom price $3.99 (with the exception of Mnemonics for Study, which is at the basement $2.99). It's just for the holiday period (but I'll extend that to January 7, because of starting it so late), so get in while the going's good! The sale is on at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and of course at my own store (but note that prices will be slightly different at Kobo and Google Play, for technical reasons).

New articles

I've just put up two new articles: tips on improving your sleep (because poor sleep is so bad for attention and memory), and advice on building cognitive reserve (because that's so important for giving yourself your best shot of maintaining your mental abilities into old age, and the earlier you start, the better).

I also have a new resource, Meditational Images, which I'll be expanding on over time. It's part of a new section I'm calling "Tools", which will include things like assessment quizzes.

Next year (almost upon us!), I'm going to prioritize my websites. I'm planning on regular podcasts, videos, and, yes, the long-promised courses. Let me know what you want to see, what questions you want answers to.