New mnemonics books & articles

  • New 2nd edition of Mnemonics for Study
  • New Spanish & Italian editions
  • New mnemonics articles

book coverI have updated my Mnemonics for Study book. The two main changes are that each chapter now has review questions, and there's an extra chapter which is a very detailed step-by-step case study, showing how and when to use mnemonics to learn the Geological Time Scale. There are lots of visuals,  mnemonics and others. I hope this will make it more useful, particularly for those of you using the book as a class text.

This update started in iBooks, using their interactive software, so that's still the best format, because the chapter reviews are all interactive, and I could even include simple flashcard widgets, as well as image galleries. However, the book is available in the usual digital formats as well as paperback. The paperback is in black & white, because I do try to keep the price way down, but all the digital formats are in full color (assuming your reader displays color!).

The 2nd edition also comes in two other versions, supporting Spanish-language and Italian-language readers, respectively. These editions have extensive Spanish/Italian glossaries.

To celebrate these publications, I've added 4 new articles in the Mnemonics section, all of which are simply excerpts from the book. These articles are: Coding mnemonics; First-letter mnemonics; Story mnemonic; Memorizing the Geological Time Scale.