Easy Russian Alphabet: A Visual Workbook

This workbook uses the strategies discussed in Mnemonics for Study and How to Learn to take you, step by step, through the process of learning the Russian / Cyrillic alphabet. The workbook is highly visual, in full color, with lots of varied practice opportunities.

The practice opportunities include 340 words, all chosen for their ease of learning, with mnemonics provided where appropriate.

Table of Contents

Learning the letters

Grouping for memory

The mnemonic cards

Group 1: Easy letters

Group 2: Straightforward consonants

How to practice

Review 1.1


Spacing your practice

Group 3: Greek cousins

More on practice

Review 1.2


Group 4: False friends

Review 1.3


Quick practice

Group 5: Tricky vowels

Review 1.4


Quick practice

Group 6: Novel letters

Review 1.5


Quick practice

Group 7: The little b set

Review 1.6


Quick practice

Learning the alphabet

Complete review list

Answers to review questions


Vocabulary for Groups 1 & 2

Vocabulary for Group 3

Vocabulary for Group 4

Vocabulary for Group 5

Vocabulary for Group 6

Vocabulary for Group 7

Product details

Formats: Paperback, E-book (Kindle, ePub, pdf)
84 pages
Publisher: Wayz Press (September, 2018)
978-1-927166-53-6 (paperback)
978-1-927166-54-3 (ePub)
978-1-927166-55-0 (mobi)
978-1-927166-56-7 (pdf)

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