Language Learning Links: Chinese

Free Beginner's 'Introduction to Mandarin' Tutorial

news in bilingual texts

audio and video lessons

Chinese Character Flashcards (Traditional Version)

The Red Brush project is a collection of texts in Chinese from a wide range of writings from Imperial China, by and about women writers. The website for this collection is available in both English and Chinese.

This site contains Chinese classics with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. No Chinese software is necessary - characters are displayed as images. Links to English translations are included for most works.

The San Zi Jing was written in the 13th century to instruct children in the basics of Confucian principles, history, philosophy, and to brain wash them into working hard and striving to do their best. It is attributed to Wang Yinlin (王应麟 1223—1296), a noted scholar of the Song dynasty. It was used as we use Grimm or perhaps the Little Golden Books; as a basic primer for pre-literate children.

Oxford University resources

flashcard type program for learning characters

genealogy and dictionary of Chinese characters

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online

lists of tools to people who are already studying and using Chinese.