Educational sites for children

Memory & the brain

Computer Memory Games for Kids

A list of fun games kids can play online to improve and test their memory skills - thanks to Leila's kids for this one!

Neuroscience for kids

"for students and teachers who want to learn more about the nervous system". Information, games and activities, links to resources.

Memory and Learning

Connected to the Neuroscience for kids' site, this has lots of activities and games to teach you about and test you on your memory

Don't forget

A few memory training games from the Exploratorium (the "museum of science, art, and human perception")

General resources


General reference, and also has educational videos and games


A useful resource if you're looking for activities for elementary (primary) school children.


homework help, activities, "learning adventures"; also lesson plans for teachers, and tips for parents on how to support their child's learning.

Enchanted Forest

activities in many subjects, mostly for younger children, but some for older elementary students (lots of good stuff in the geography and science sections - information sheets and quizzes) - and note too, that many of the activities are available in several different languages

Project Happy Child

lots of printable worksheets and other resources, in several different languages. Look in particular at their:

Potted learning sites

great resource! links to lots of really good sites on a variety of topics.


interactive lessons, exercises, printable worksheets, in Maths and Language, for K-8 students

Homework Spot

a directory of resources, for all levels

Dewey to the rescue

A multimedia presentation explaining the Dewey Decimal System

John's Word Search Puzzles

Some word searches in a variety of categories

Word search

More word searches


Learn & play chess with kids from around the world.

Arts & Humanities

Social studies

The New York Times Learning Network

The New York Times offers a good training ground for newspapers with its Student Connections, for students from grade 6 - 12.

The National Geographic

Includes a kids section that looks quite attractive, but several parts of the main site could be of interest to children - check out the Map Machine.

Encyclopedia Mythica

Not specifically for children, but if your child, like mine, is keen on mythology, this is a useful resource.

Browse through History

A teacher, Mr Dowling, offers history study guides, homework assignments and exams that are free and available for you to print or to edit.


Quite a good site for history and social studies information for children, although very US-centric.

Ancient Egypt Online

A resource center for ancient Egypt. Includes clip art, useful for children's projects.

Vikings - the North Atlantic Saga

From the Smithsonian. You can see images of various items in their exhibition, but also there's a Learning Center and a virtual Viking voyage.

World Geography Games

Lots of interactive geography games here.

Map Puzzles

Free interactive map puzzles to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments.

Maps that teach

A great way of learning countries - scroll down the page to the interactive map puzzles.

What is the capital of ...

Practice your capital cities here


An online, one-two player geography based game. Play alone or compete against an online opponent to locate cities as quickly and accurately as you can.



ArtSnacks is described as a social learning network where children can share their artwork and learn how to support each other, as well as getting some art instruction.

Archkidecture - Architecture for children

terminology, wacky stories, build-it-yourself projects, information about what an architect is and how to become one, information about structures and materials. Nicely done.


Wise Old Sayings

has a list of online word games that they say are "high-quality, free to use, and are hosted on sites that won’t drive you too crazy with incessant ad bombardment or dead links". The list also includes links for those learning English, and for adults.


a variety of quizzes and games to help expand your wordpower