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About the author

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Fiona McPherson has a PhD in psychology, from the internationally-regarded Psychology Department at the University of Otago. Her doctoral thesis was on memory for concepts - concepts and categories being the building blocks of the mind's structure. Her master's thesis was on the evolution of intelligence, and this remains a fascination for her. Her original intention to become an educational psychologist was sidetracked along the way into a deeper study of how the brain thinks and remembers.

In the aftermath of post-natal memory loss (this is a facetious rather than clinical diagnosis, although no less real for that), she realized with some surprise that, despite years in the laboratory and the library, she had little practical knowledge of how to improve her memory.

Thus began a five-year search through the academic research trawling for information that was useful. The Memory Key was the result of that search. In the 20 years since its publication, she has continued to grow and deepen her understanding of memory and learning, trying to keep on top of the marvelous wealth of new research in these areas. This website, and the digital products, are devoted to informing and helping others improve their memory & learning skills.