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YouCubed from Stanford University aims to provide research-based resources that are accessible and practical

Math, Science & Music brings together these three subjects with interactive and visual resources designed to engage students of all ages, as well as a number of teacher toolkits

Middle School Chemistry is a nice site with lessons and activities for grades 6-8. It also a Spanish version

The Physics Classroom has branched out, and now includes a section on Concept Builders for chemistry

Ted-Ed has a lesson for each element in the periodic table. Each lesson has a video at its core.

FUN WITH ARABIC is as an online program that teaches the basics of the Arabic language.

Free Beginner's 'Introduction to Mandarin' Tutorial

news in bilingual texts

audio and video lessons

Chinese Character Flashcards (Traditional Version)

Learn Japanese For Free

Japanese Core 100 Word List

Kanji Koohii! is a website and community dedicated to help you complete the kanji learning method called Remembering the Kanji.

companion to TV programme: videos, exercises, vocab lists, etc,188,0,43,html/Episodes

100 Māori words every New Zealander should know

Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in Greek over the course of a year, one day at a time

Ancient Greek textbooks

Reading Homer

Calvin and Hobbes en Español


Spanish news items especially for use in classrooms

Interactive Activities for French Teachers and Students


french grammar

Learn French by watching French videos in an online video player designed for language learners.