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Language Learning Links: General

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BBC Languages: archived but still great

Guardian resources

Languages of the World

About the International Language Proficiency Scale

Omniglot encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

List of Free Online Language Courses

for languages that use different alphabets or writing systems, download the appropriate keyboard:

RhinoSpike is an online language learning community tool that lets users around the globe connect and exchange foreign language audio files. Get any foreign language text read aloud for you by a native speaker!

Pictorial Vocabulary Guides and Interactive Readings in a variety of languages


iLoveLanguages is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resource|By+Language

Linkword courses

Read children's books in various languages

Lingopolo offers audio resources for learning several languages. It is committed to a free model, and as I write this it is offering lessons in Dutch, French, Japanese, Thai, and Pandunia (a constructed global language like Esperanto).


Vocabulary trainers


You Know the Drill

Voca, previously known as Vocatude, is a free vocabulary trainer for Windows and Linux.


anki flashcard software

Language Software Reviews

Create your own online with Quizlet

The InterActive Terminology for Europe dictionary will give you translation of words for specialized terminology.

Search for words in context to gauge their actual meaning with Linguee. Note for most European languages, and Japanese.