Useful reference & subject sites for college students & teachers: Earth science

Earth science

The Encyclopedia of Earth has an online “course’ in Environmental Science — although I would call it more a textbook, since it appears to merely consist of pages of text, rather than including anything interactive.

Teachers and students might find inspiration in this concept map of ecology, produced by students in an experimental two year Masters in Coastal and Marine Biology & Ecology

Earth Sciences and Geography

How volcanoes work describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes. It is sponsored by NASA and is intended for university students of geology and vulcanology and teachers of earth science.

The Illinois State Geological Survey offers an array of materials for teachers working in geology and the earth sciences, at a variety of levels.

Carleton College offers resources for those teaching college students about the geosciences has geology and earth science news and information

The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life, a free app developed at the University of Kansas, enables anyone with an iPhone or iPad to discover and classify fossils. The app links to pictures, maps and information about how long ago fossils occurred, to help people identify fossils if they find them, and focuses on fossils with origins in the Pennsylvanian period, about 290 million years ago, with fossils common to Kansas and the Midwest; the Ordovician period, with fossils often found near Ohio; and the Neogene period, with fossils usually located the Southeastern U.S.