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My Memory Journal

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Maybe you're getting older. Maybe you're stressed, or chronically tired, or just overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, you're finding it harder to remember things that matter to you. This journal is designed to help you.

I've been writing about memory and learning skills for 25 years. I'm a great believer in practical strategies that don't ʻcostʼ too much — that is, you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort mastering them. This journal is one of those.

Your memory journal gives you a place to reflect on your day, and shape your memories (and thus, your story).

But this is not a diary. This is a memory journal, and it requires a very specific type of note-taking. I'll provide advice and examples to help you with this critical skill for both learning and everyday memory, but most of all, this journal will provide you with the opportunity to get the practice in this that you need, if you're serious in wanting to improve your memory.

Along the way, the journal also provides tips and advice, with a weekly focus, to help you:

  • learn some basic strategies for remembering the things you want to remember

  • set in place some good habits which will help protect your brain

  • learn a little about your memory, how it works, what works for it, how good it is for different tasks, and how much help it needs for some tasks.




Formats: Paperback, Large Print

Size: 266 pages

Publisher: Wayz Press (December, 2016)

ISBN: 978-1-927166-31-4